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If you are an interested person, potential students, or existing students or Instructors in Advance IT BD, You have some questions. You will get all of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advance IT BD

For Students & Others

Advance IT BD offering various kinds of online training courses in Bangladesh to provide eLearning opportunity to all kind people of Bangladesh. Anyone can participate in our distance learning from anywhere anytime.

To attend in our online training courses, you just need a computer and Internet connection of average speed. Out online training courses create the opportunity to participant our any courses from anywhere in the world. It is really helpful for these people who want to learn but can't maintain the schedule class routines or not interested to move remote place or avoid and traveling to attain in the classroom.

No... We don't offer any CD or DVD for our courses. You have to complete any courses from our website by watching one by one-course lessons. We have no planning to sell any CD or VDV yet. Because we want to update our courses time to time, which will be unavailable for CD or DVD. If we start, we will make an announcement on our website and Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages.

Yes. Anyone can Buy and participate in our any online courses. But there are some requirements to buy or participate in our online training courses, such as:

  • You must have good passion and Interest.
  • Have to good in Basic computer operations. (You must know how to use Search engines to find and information, Microsoft Office, Software Installation etc.)
  • Your English proficiency must have an average level.
  • Must have Computer with an average speed Internet connection.
  • Interest in learning new things yourself and a quick learner.

If you think that you are able to fulfill all the requirements mentioned above, you are most welcome to buy or participate in our paid and free online training courses.

Yes, of Course! We don't have only videos of our courses but also we will provide you necessary resources, Files, Software and reporting files and more with our every course.

No refunds. Payments are nontransferable, nonrefundable and there are no refunds for any reason or for partially used periods or for memberships that are purchased but not used.

Refund only applicable only for the upcoming or coming soon courses which are not live or started yet in Advance IT BD. You have to claim your refund for this kind training course before 72 hours of starting the course.

For better understanding please read our Terms of Services very carefully.

Yes! We have some basic rules and Terms of Services for all courses, users, instructors of Advance IT BD. To make your account safe and secure, Please read our Rules and Terms of Services very carefully located here: https://www.advanceitbd.com/terms-of-services

If you want to learn without buying our courses, you are welcome. We have some free training courses also, for which you don't need to pay any course fees, just need to pay registration fees. This registration fees are very low and are not an account of the course fee. These registration fees are account for administrative charge/fees. You can get enroll these courses without any problem.

We also have some courses which are totally free. You don't need any course fees or registration fees. These courses are 100% free to all peoples. To enroll in this kind of courses, just select the course and get enrolled.

There are several ways to pay us. Please visit the How to Pay page to know about our payment methods.

For Instructors to Making Courses

Yes, Of Course! If you have proper skills to teach someone, to make any course on specific topics which is helpful for people's career, then, of course, you can. Keep in mind that your course content must have to be good quality and capacity to meet student's needs. So that they can have the opportunity to grow his/her career.

To because an instructor, first of all, you have to create an account. If you have a specific and helpful topic and course content, you can be our proud instructor easily. Just complete the registration and apply to become an instructor from this Page.

Initially, we support any helpful topic and categories if it is helpful for students with good quality. You may create any training courses on SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing & online Outsourcing Course, Programming, Graphic Design, Lifestyle, any course on Computer & Information technology, career development, career planning and more. Just keep in your mind, your course content must have to be safe for work, unique and updated.

NO! It is prohibited to our Policy. You cannot republish your courses which are published in Advance IT BD to anywhere expect to Advance IT BD. If you do this, you may lose your instructor role permanently in Advance IT and it will be copyright issues according to established law. For better understanding please read our Terms of Services very carefully.

Yes! You have to update your course time to time if applicable. So that students can get updated course content for better learning.

Yes! You have to use the Logo of Advance IT BD as a watermark within every video clips. This is mandatory to make your content safe and copyright free.

You have to provide students support from our Community. You also can provide students support anyway in which you comfort. We also have a secret Facebook group in which you may support them.

You may send a request to pay you any time if your earning is above 5000/-. You can get paid by any mobile banking like bKash, Rocket or another operator. You also may get paid by direct bank deposit or Electric Fund Transfer (EFT) to your bank. This payment may take 2 to 5 Business days.

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